Here at Brecon Bridal Boutique we love choosing each and every dress that we stock in store. With over 70 hand picked dresses in store, we believe we have a stunning collection of wedding dresses for every style, size and budget. 70+ bridal gowns might not seem like much, but trust us when we say you are spoilt for choice. Everyone who has come through our door has said they’ve had plenty to chose from, with some of our past brides having to come back for a second appointment, just so they can try on bridal gowns they didn’t get chance to try during their first appointment because they ran out of time.

Every season when we look at which new wedding dresses we’d like to introduce to our store, we make sure that it is of the highest quality, modern, luxurious, is something we know our Brides to Be will love, be a little bit different to what you might see at other boutiques and are affordable.

We stock a number of different designers in store. Each of our designers has a unique look and style, and each brings something different to the table.

Victoria Kay

£795 – £1300


Luna Novias by Rosa Clara

£1000 – £1350


Millie May/Millie Grace

£700 – £1000


Adriana Alier by Rosa Clara

£800 – £1200


Sale/ Off the Peg dresses

£295 – £800


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