We have a selection of waistcoats, neck wear and suits here to look at and try on in store (in a small selection of sizes). We offer a consultation service for our grooms to help you decide exactly what it is your after for your big day. Whether you want your groomsmen all to match you or your looking to stand out a little we are here to help. Come into store and have a chat with us, are appointments are exclusive to you, so there will be no interruptions.

As well as offering a consultation service, between October and April we can also offer a FREE try on service (this may be unable during 2020 because of Covid, but we’ll keep you up to date). This means you can have a go at building your outfit online (either at home with you partner or in store with us) and then have it delivered to our store, in your correct sizes COMPLETELY FREE. A try, before you hire!!! There is no obligation to hire from us if you use this service, it is all free of charge. It just gives you a brilliant idea of what the suit will actually look like on, before the big day.

 All of our suit hire packages include – Jacket, Trousers, Waistcoat, Shirt, Tie/Ruche and Pocket square, as well as Accidental Damage insurance. So all you need to worry about is your underwear, shoes and cuff links for the big day!!!

We are also able to offer a ‘5 for 4’ deal on all our full suit hire packages. So if you hire 5 suits from us, you only pay for 4 of them!!! This can also be doubled, so if you have a larger bridal party and need 10 suits, you’ll only be paying for 8 suits all together!!!


Slim Fit Collection.


The slimmer cut and narrow label of this ever popular suit will ensure that you’ll look more than dapper on the big day.

Avaiable as a 3 piece Short Jacket in Blue, Grey, Navy and Black.

Or as a 3 piece Tailcoat in Blue and Grey


Silk Grey Collection.


Superior tailoring in a lightweight and luxurious fabric.


Avaiable in a 3 piece Short Jacket or a 3 piece Tailcoat.

Slate Grey Collection.


A sophisticated choice for grooms. Choose strong colours to complement this ensemble.


Avaiable in Tailcoat or Prince Edward.


Mid Grey Collection.


The Mid Grey Collection is subtly stylish for weddings and offers lots of versatility with 3 different jacket styles… Short, Tailcoat and Prince Edward.


Herringbone Collection.


The time honoured classic herringbone collection is available in black and navy and 3 different jacket styles. Whichever you pick it will be classic, timeless and iconic.


Short, Tailcoat and Prince Edward

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